These Will Make You One Happy Camper.

School is officially out for summer and I dropped off two kids on Sunday for a fun filled week at camp.  The sights and smells of camp alway bring back childhood memories of those long summer days filled with swimming and fishing, fireflies and lemonade.  I picked some accessories inspired by all the summertime fun of cabin life.

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The Only Resolution I've Ever Kept

Holiday 2015 is officially over.  It's back to the studio today to dive into work.  As I sit at my desk beginning a fresh new year, I'm reflecting on how much has changed in the past 12 months.

Last year on the morning of New Year's Eve I went to the gym for my usual 9:45 class.  The instructor asked what my New Years Resolution was.  I said "to apply myself".  She laughed and said "you have 4 kids, how much more can you apply yourself!"  I saw that note on so many report cards when I was a kid.  So obviously it was something I should be doing anyway.  What the hell does "applying myself" even mean anyway?  To me '"applying yourself" means that when I'm doing something I'm going to give it everything.  One hundred percent.  When I'm playing with my kids, that's what I'm going to be doing.  I'm not going to be scrolling through my phone or planning what's for dinner.  I'm just going to be playing with my kids.  I didn't know how applying myself would impact my life, but I was going to give it a go.

I started to apply myself at everything.  Out with friends, they had all of my attention.  Whether I'm at the grocery store picking up produce or driving the car, I'm only focusing on that.  The first thing that I learned is that applying yourself is counterintuitive.  You're told to multitask your whole life!!!  Doing one thing at a time is just not what women do.  What I learned next was amazing.  The more time I spent focusing on what I was doing, the more I decided HOW I wanted to spend my time.  Don't waste any of it.  I wanted to spend my time with great people, great food, great books and creating.  I realized how much I missed interior design.  On May 22nd June Eight Studio was born.

I know a lot about design, but what in the hell did I know about running a business??  Nothing.  But I applied myself.  I found a great community of people who were figuring out all of the same things.  I tackled one task at a time.  Every day I get to my office and create.  Often in my pajamas!   I'm so proud of the work that I'm doing and having a great time doing it.  Success can only follow when you do what you're passionate about.  Business started out slow, but momentum is building.  I'm going to keep building this dream, one room at a time.  June Eight Studio has lots of goals to crush in 2016.  

Life isn't perfect and of course you're going to have to do stuff that you don't want to do.  But if you can minimize that, do it.  Spend your time with the people you love the most, people that inspire you and bring out your best.  Do the things you love and and it will love you back.  APPLY YOURSELF.  Cheers to a fulfilling 2016.

Falling For Autumn Doesn't Have To Mean Orange

After two consective weekends enjoying some good old fashioned Fall fun like apple picking and chili cookoffs, we must reluctantly admit that summer has come to an end.  But why does fall have to bring on pumpkin spiced everything??  As much as we love the warm glow of the color orange, there are more ways that you can warm up your space for the cooler months to come.  Fall is about adding deeper colors and textures, they don't necessarily have to be orange.  These ten accessories will help your rooms fall into place.

Don't Buy One More Boring Tie

Father's Day is around the corner.  You don't have to get the dad in your life one more boring tie.  How about giving him his own space to sprawl out to watch the game and drink beer? Which coincidentally gets him out of YOUR space sprawling out and watching the game. June Eight Studio Online can design one for you all for an affordable flat fee!  Click through the links to find out where to get these mancave ready pieces.  

Last Minute Gifts For Your Interior Obsessed Moms

If the mom in your life is obsessed with home goods, here are a few you might want to pick up before tomorrow!  AND don't forget to call her and tell her how amazing she is!


Fresh Spring Accessories to Brighten Up Your Space

Spring is nature's time of renewal.  It's only natural to want to breathe new life inside your home as well.  Check out these 12 accessories that can transform your room this season without a complete overhaul.

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